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1803 Inhabitants in Cape Girardeau County

The following names were heads of households in the Cape Girardeau District of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 at the time of the Louisiana Purchase by the United States from France. If your family name appears here, perhaps you are a descendant of these hardy frontier families that settled the area.

They undoubtedly experienced the uneasy feeling of unconfirmed Spanish Land grants that had to be proved with great difficulty to the United States Land Office. They certainly knew about the adventurers heading west—the Corps of Discovery—better known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition. They both began in 1803.

Lewis and Clark and their crew stopped to visit Louis Lorimier at Lorimier’s house/trading post called the Red House on November 23, 1803 on their way to their winter camp on the Illinois side of the river at Camp DuBois opposite St. Louis. They spent 24 hours here and Meriwether Lewis wrote 4 pages in his diary about Cape Jerado, Louis Lorimier, Lorimier’s lovely daughter, and the events that transpired here.

Photo of the Red House Interpretive Center Cape Girardeau, MO
Red House Interpretive Center Cape Girardeau, MO

Abernathie, Washington

Abernathy, John

Aidinger (Ardinger), Christopher

Andrew, Alexander (Alexander, Andrew)

Aroritt, Connelius

Arrell, James

Ashabranner, Daniel

Austin, Harris (Horace)

Bailie, Alexander

Baker, Joseph

Banish, Jeremiah

Barks, Handel

Barks, Jacob

Berthiaume, Francois

Black (Block), Ezekiel

Bollinger, Daniel

Bollinger, David

Bollinger, Davolt

Bollinger, Frederick

Bollinger, George Frederick

Bollinger, Henry

Bollinger, John

Bollinger, Mathias

Bollinger, Phillip

Bollinger, William

Boner, William

Bowden, Jesse

Bowlin, John

Boyd, James

Boyd, John

Bradley, Charles

Bradly (Bradley), Samuel

Brant, Daniel

Brummitt, Renna

Bull, Thomas

Burrows, John

Burrows, Mrs. Walter

Buys (Bouis), Jonathan

Byrd Jr., Abraham

Byrd Sr, Abraham

Byrd, Amos

Byrd, John

Byrd, Moses

Byrd, Stephen

Cain, Jesse

Carither, Jacob

Carrender, George

Caruthers, James

Cavender, George

Cheney, Lemuel

Clingingsmith, Daniel

Connelly (Connelley), Hugh

Connelly (Connelley), Timothy

Conway, Jeremiah

Cooper, James

Cornelius, Jephtha (Jeptha)

Cotner, Martin

Cousin, Bartholomew

Cox, James

Cresswell (Crisswell), Hugh

Crytz (Cryts), Peter

Currin, James

Demoss, Charles

Dickson (Dixon), Hezekiah

Dickson, Zillah

Dixon, Lewis

Dixon, Mrs.

Dougherty(Daugherty), Elijah

Dougherty(Daugherty), William

Dougherty, John

Downard, David

Dowty, James

Drybread, John

Dyal, Terence

Eustache, Lewis

Fallenash, Charles

Findley, Charles

Finnanty, William

Foreman, Jonathan

Foster (Forster) Jr., Jacob

Foster (Forster) Sr, Jacob

Franks, Andrew

Franks, Barton

Franks, Peter

Freeman, John

Friend, Charles

Fyght, Joseph

Giboney, John

Godair, Pierre

Godaire, Baptiste

Goodwin, Benjamin

Green, David

Green, Robert

Grount, Daniel

Grount, George

Grount, Peter

Guething, John

Guiboney (Guibony), Mrs. Alexander

Guibony, Robert

Guinn, Michael

Hand, Henry

Hand, John

Hand, William

Hardell (Hartle), Peter

Hargrove, Benjamin

Hargrove, Lemuel

Hays, Christopher

Hays, George

Hays, John

Hector, Gilbert

Heldebrand, Benjamine

Heldibrand, Daniel

Henderson, George

Henry, Lemuel

Henthorn, John

Herring, Thomas

Hill, William

Hinginsmith, Daniel

Hogan, Edmund

Horn, Solomon

Hoss, John

Hubbell (Hubble), Daniel

Hubbell (Hubble), Jonathan

Hubble Sr., Jonathan

Hubble, Ebenezer

Hubble, Ithmar

Hubble, Matthew

Hurley, Moses


Jackson, William

Jacobs, Jacob

James, James

Kelly (Kelley), Isaac

Kelly (Kelley), Jacob

Kenyon, Simeon

Lane, Robert

Latham, John

Latham, Lewis

Laugherty, Benjah (Benijah)

Lee, Jonah

Lee, Jr., Josiah

Lee, Sr., Josiah

Leno (Lene), Jacob

Lerr (Lorr), Valentine

Limbeth (Limbach) (Limbaugh), Jr., Fred

Lorance, John

Lorimier, Louis

Losta (Losla, Lorsa), John

Loyd (Lloyd, Loyed), John

Lucas (Lucus), Charles

Magee, John

Magee, Joseph

Marote, Hippolyte

May, John

McCarty, John

McKinzie (McKenzie), Allen

McMillen, James

McMultrie, David

Meredith, Roland

Miller, John

Miller, Mrs. James

Milliken, Alexander

Mills, James

Morgan, George

Mullins, Daniel

Murphy, James

Murphy, William

Norris, Thomas

Nyswonger, Joseph

O'Hagan (O'Hogan), Michael

Parrish (Parish), Alexander

Patterson, _____

Patterson, Andrew

Patterson, David

Patterson, John

Pew (Pero), Samuel

Prickett, Josiah

Probst, John

Quimby, Josiah

Quimby, Robert

Quimby, Stephen

Ramsey Jr., Andrew

Ramsey Sr., Andrew

Ramsey, James

Randall (Randol) Jr., Enos

Randall (Randol) Sr., Enos

Randall (Randol), Anthony

Randall (Randol), James

Randall (Randol), Medad

Randall (Randol), Samuel

Randoll (Randol, Randall), Abraham

Randoll (Randol, Randall), Mrs. Samuel

Reed, Gelulon (Zebulon)

Revelle, Nicholas

Rodgers, Andeston (Anderson, Adenston)

Rodney (Rodner), Martin

Rodney, Thomas

Ross, William

Russell, James

Russell, William

Sexton, Charles

Sexton, Daniel

Sharadin, Henry

Sharedine, Jacob

Sheradine, John

Simeson, John

Simpson, Jeremiah

Slavisur, John

Slinker, Fredick (Frederick)

Slinker, Mrs.

Smith, John Henry

Smith, Tillman

Smith, William

Smith, Wm (Tywappity)

Stotler, Adam

Stotler, Conrad

Stotler, Peter

Stout, Ephraim

Strother, Samuel

Strother, William

Sullivan, Dennis

Summers Jr., John

Summers Sr., John

Summers, Alexander

Summers, Andrew

Temantz, William

Thomas, Jeremiah

Thompson, Elizabeth

Thompson, Jeremiah

Thomson (Thompson, Tomson), John

Thomson (Thompson, Tomson), Joseph

Thorn, Solomon

Walker, John

Waller, Joseph

Weaver, Hannah

Weaver, John

Welker, Jacob

Welker, Leonard

Wellborn, Curtis

Wellborn, James

Wellborn, Jonathan

Wellborn, Thomas

Welsh, Elijah

Whittiker (Wittaker), Elijah

Wilker, George

Williams, Isaac

Williams, William

Williamson, James

Williamson, Mrs.

Woolsey, Thomas

Woolveton, Levi

Worthington, Benjamin

Worthington, Joseph

Young, Austin

Young, Joseph

Young, Morris

Young, Phillip

Zellafrow, John


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Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, Missouri

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