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War I




Spanish-American Militia

December 1802 – January 1803

Shortly before the cession of Louisiana, Don Louis Lorimier received orders from Governor Charles De Lassus to enlist men from the county to serve as the Cape Girardeau Company in pursuit of the hostile Indian tribe near New Madrid, MO. With no other means at his command to pay for this military service, Lorimier promised the troops grants of land. Of course no authority existed under the Spanish law to make such a grant, but nevertheless he made a grant of 300 arpens to each of the one hundred and sixty-four men who had served for six weeks in that campaign. These grants were all subsequently confirmed.

A – F

Abernethie, Washington

Andrew, Alexander Jr.

Arrell, James

Asherbrauner, David

Austin, Harris

Averitt, Cornelius

Bollinger, Daniel (John’s Son)

Bollinger, Daniel Sr.

Bollinger, Davalt (Daniel’s Son)

Bollinger, David (Mathias’ Son)

Bollinger, Frederick (Philip’s Son)

Bollinger, George Frederick

Bollinger, Henry

Bollinger, Henry (Daniel’s Son)

Bollinger, Henry (Philip’s Son)

Bollinger, John (John’s Son)

Bollinger, Mathias

Bollinger, Philip

Bollinger, William (John’s Son)

Bonner, William

Bradley, Charles

Bradley, Samuel

Brant, Daniel

Bull, Thomas

Burrows, John

Buys, Jonathan

Byrd, Abraham Jr.

Byrd, John

Byrd, Moses

Byrd, Stephen

Cavender, George

Cheney, Lemuel

Clingensmith, Daniel

Connelly, Hugh Jr.

Connelly, Timothy

Conway, Jeremiah

Cooper, James

Cooper, James

Cornelius, Jeptha

Cox, James

Criswell, Hugh

Crytz, Peter

Demos, Charles (died before the cession and his widow made claim for grant)

Dickson, Ezekiel

Dougherty, Elijah

Dougherty, John

Dougherty, William

Downard, David

Dowty, James

Forman, Jonathan Jr.

Foster, Jacob Jr.

Franks, Barton

Franks, Peter

G – P

Giboney, John

Giboney, Robert

Godair, Baptiste

Green, David

Grount, Daniel

Grount, George

Guething, John

Guinn, Michael

Hand, John

Hand, William

Hargrove, Lemuel

Hays, Christopher

Hays, George

Hays, John

Hector, Gilbert

Helderbrand, Benjamin

Helderbrand, Daniel

Henderson, George

Hening, Thomas

Henthorn, John

Hoss, John

Hubbell, Daniel (Mathew’s Son)

Hubbell, Ebenezer

Hubbell, Jonathan (Itham’s Son)

Hubbell, Jonathan (Jonathan’s Son)

Hubbell, Jonathan Sr.

Jackson, William

James, James

Kelly, Isaac

Kenyon, Simeon

Latham, John

Latham, Lewis

Laugherty, Benjiah

Lee, Josiah Jr.

Lorance, John

Lorr, Valentine

Losila, John

Lucas, Charles

Magee, Joseph

Marote, Hipolite

May, John

McKensie, Allen

Meredith, Rolland

Mills, James

Morgan, George

Mullins, Daniel

Murphy, James

Murphy, William

Niswanger, Joseph

Niswanger, Joseph Sr.

O’Hagan, Michael

Parish, Alexander

Patterson, Andrew

Patterson, David
Patterson, John

Pew, Samuel

Probst, Jacob

R – Z

Ramsay, Andrew Jr.

Ramsay, Andrew Sr.

Ramsay, James Jr.

Randall, Abraham Jr.

Randall, Anthony

Randall, Enos

Randall, Enos Sr.

Randall, James

Randall, Medad

Randall, Samuel

Reed, Zebulon

Revelle, Nicholas

Rodgers, Adenston

Rodney, Martin

Rodney, Thomas

Russel, James

Saviour, John

Sexton, Charles

Sharadin, Jacob

Sharadin, John

Sineson, John

Slinker, Frederick

Smith, John Henry

Smith, William

Statler, Adam

Statler, Conrad

Strother, Samuel

Strother, William

Sullivan, Dennis

Summers, Alexander

Summers, Andrew

Summers, John Jr.

Thomas, Jereiah

Thompson, John

Thompson, Joseph Jr.

Thompson, Joseph Sr.

Thorn, Solomon

Timantz, William

Tucker, John

Weaver, John

Welker, George

Welker, Jacob

Wellborn, Thomas

Welsh, Elijah

Whittaker, Elijah

Williams, Isaac

Williamson, William James

Wolverton, Levi

Worthington, Joseph

Young, Austin

Young, Joseph

Young, Philip

Zellahon, John


History of Missouri Volume II By Louis Houck 1908

Annuals of St. Louis In Its Early Days under the French and Spanish Dominations

Compiled by Frederic L. Billion 1886

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