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Records searching and request
Payment processing 



 To make a payment click on an icon to be directed to our third party vendor.


Cape Girardeau County had partnered with {forte} payments for credit card processing. Customers wishing to use a Credit Card for payment will pay a minimum $1.00 convenience fee for transactions up to $40.00 and 2.5% thereafter for all transactions greater than $40.00. MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card, and American Express are the only card types accepted.

Refunds will not be given if the customer processes an incorrect payment.

For questions contact the Recorder of Deeds office at (573) 243-8123

Step by step guide for copy request: 

  1. Know your document number or Book and Page [Recorder’s office cannot do a title search.]
  2. Determine the cost of your request. [ see chart below or call the Recorder’s office]
  3. Click on the payment link at the top of the page
  4. Fill out the requested fields on the payment page
    1. Name
    2. Address, State, ZIP 
    3. email
  5. Fill out shipping information
    1. You will have the option to have the document faxed or mailed or both.
    2. Certified and large documents cannot be faxed only mailed.
    3. Documents cannot be emailed.
  6. Enter a document number or a book and page. If requesting multiple document separated by a ( : ) and  include important information in the notes field.
  7. Enter total amount due, not including the convenience fee that is auto calculated by the website.
  8. Click final submit button.  In order to utilize the online payment system a customer must know the total cost before submitting payment. If you know your document and the total number of pages, please see the chart below to determine your payment total.


The Recorder of Deeds office cannot perform a title search.

Individuals wishing to search the records can do so in Jackson at the recorder's office or online at Once you know the document number or the book and page of the document you are requesting contact the Recorder's office for total cost before making an online payment.

Customers will have the option to have their documents mail or faxed. If faxing please add $1.00


Marriage Records

Document Type

Charge per document

Photo copy of Marriage license


Certified copy of Marriage License  includes a seal and statement and are required by most government agencies or insurance companies as proof of Marriage.          

$9.00 {Cannot be faxed}



Recorded documents


Document Type

Charge per page

Recorded Document (Warranty Deeds, Quit-Claim Deeds, Deeds of Trust, or Releases, etc)

$2.00 for the first page and

$1.00 for each page thereafter of each document for letter-ledger


$5.00 for 18 x 24” & up {Cannot be faxed}

$3.00 for ledger or legal {Cannot be faxed}

$2.00 for  letter


$5.00 for 18 x 24” & up {Cannot be faxed}

$3.00 for ledger or legal {Cannot be faxed}

$2.00 for  letter 


For questions contact the Recorder of Deeds office at (573) 243-8123















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