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Marriage License 

$60 fee covers both the Marriage License ($51) and a Certified Copy of the Marriage License ($9) which you will need for legal proof of marriage.  Additional Certified Copies may be purchased for $9 each.  The License must be paid for before it can be issued.

Both applicants must be present at time of application and show government issued photo identification and give social security numbers.

No License can be issued to anyone under 16 years of age.  Individuals ages 16 or 17 must be accompanied by a consenting parent or legal guardian with photo identification and present birth certificate and and any other supporting documentation.  A person younger than 18 cannot marry anyone 21 years of age or older.   

The Marriage License is good for the entire state of Missouri but is not valid outside of Missouri.  

There is no waiting period and the License can be used the day it is issued.

The License must be used within 30 days from date of issue.  

The person solemnizing marriage is required to have the License prior to performing the ceremony and must return the license to the Recorder of Deeds office within 15 days of the ceremony.

"Marriages may be solemnized by any clergyman, either active or retired, who is in good standing with any church or synagogue in this state. Marriages may also be solemnized, without compensation, by any judge, including a municipal judge. Marriages may also be solemnized by a religious society, religious institution, or religious organization of this state, according to the regulations and customs of the society, institution or organization, when either party to the marriage to be solemnized is a member of such society, institution or organization."  -Section 451.100 of the Missouri Revised Statutes

The Marriage License must be returned whether it is used or not.  No refunds for unused Licenses.

Marriage License- $51 You must obtain a Marriage License before you get married and give it to the pastor, priest, judge, or other officiant who will complete it.  It must be returned to the Recorder of Deeds after the ceremony.

Marriage Certificate-  This is a keepsake given to you at the time you are issued the Marriage License.  Think of it as something you would hang on your wall in a frame.  It does not work for legal proof of marriage.
Certified Copy of Marriage License- $9 This is mailed to you after your marriage ceremony, once your completed Marriage License has been returned to the County, recorded, and filed away.  This is your legal proof of marriage that you can use for name changes at the Social Security office, License Bureau, etc.  

Marriage License







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Marriage License










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For any other questions please contact the Recorder of Deeds office in Jackson.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Phone: 573-243-8123

#1 Barton Square Suite 203

Jackson, MO 63755


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