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Records searching and request



Cape Girardeau County records start in 1805.  We have land records as well as marriage records.  Customers wishing to search our records may come to the office in Jackson, Missouri any time Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm, except holidays.  The recorder’s office staff will be more than happy to assist anyone on using the equipment; unfortunately, we are not allowed to perform research.  Individuals requiring title work should consult an Abstract and Title Company or your legal counsel.


Marriage Records

Marriage license that were issued and recorded in Cape Girardeau County are available in the recorder’s office in Jackson, Missouri.  In the event an individual was married in Cape Girardeau County, but used a license issued in a different county, they would need to contact the issuing county.  When requesting a marriage license copy please download, fill, and print out the below form.  When mailing your request, payment must be included before a request will be processed.  In the event we cannot locate or fill your request, your payment will be returned.  A self addressed, stamped envelope is appreciated. If paying with a credit card us the online request link below. Before paying for a copy please know you documet number.

  • Plain copies are photo copies of records on file.  Cost is $2.00

  • Certified copies include a seal and statement and are required by most government agencies or insurance companies as proof of Marriage.  Cost is $9.00


Online request:

         Marriage License Copy Request Pay with a credit card

Mail in request form:


Marriage License Copy Request Form

Recorded documents:


Land records on file can be requested by sending a letter and payment.  We are not allowed to perform title searches.  Requests will only be filled if the book/page or document number is known and stated in the request.

See chart below for copy charges:


Document Type

Charge per page

Recorded Document (Warranty Deeds, Quit-Claim Deeds, Deeds of Trust, or Releases, etc)

$2.00 for the first page and

$1.00 for each page thereafter of each document for letter-ledger


$5.00 for 18 x 24” & up

$3.00 for ledger or legal

$2.00 for  letter


$5.00 for 18 x 24” & up

$3.00 for ledger or legal

$2.00 for  letter

Individuals needing documents certified should speak with the Recorder’s office.


Military discharge DD214

Military Discharge records are closed to the public.  Those seeking a copy should fill out the form below or come by the Recorder’s office.  The form must be notarized, unfortunately, the Recorder’s office cannot sign as the notary, but the County Administration Building has several offices that provide this service for free. 

Please download and fill out all of the following forms.

            Military discharge form (PDF)


Anyone wishing to purchase bulk records will need to speak with the Records of Deeds.

Personal scanners, cameras, computers, and any other equipment capable of recording information, taking an image or photo are not allowed in the research area.  Individuals wishing to use such equipment will pay the same price for information captured as if provided in the regular medium.

Pay with a credit card

For questions contact the Recorder of Deeds office at (573) 243-8123








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