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Gambling & Raffles



Gambling is a crime in Missouri.

"Wanna bet!" you protest. "What about the State Lottery? Heck, they even advertise it on TV! What about Bingo games? What about Riverboat Casinos?"

Admittedly, it is a bit ironic. State statutes create and allow the state-run lottery, plus regulated Bingo games, plus certain Riverboat Casinos. But it is illegal for a group of friends to play poker for money on a Saturday night or to participate in a "March Madness" NCAA basketball betting pool at the office.

Irony, however, does not prevent laws from being enforced.

The Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has the duty to enforce Missouri laws. This includes gambling. Thus, if a complaint is made and an investigation proves gambling laws have been violated, our office will file the appropriate charges.

Gambling cases in our county have included the busting up and prosecution of a card game raided by police after a tip from a disgruntled wife tired of having her husband gamble away his paycheck; the arrest and prosecution of a group of brazen young ruffians shooting craps in Indian Park; and the raiding and prosecution of various service clubs and certain members thereof who allowed illegal video and electronic gambling devices to be used in their clubs.

The Missouri Liquor Control and the Missouri Highway Patrol regularly investigate organizations with liquor licenses to make sure that these groups do not participate in illegal gambling activities. The Sheriff’s Department and the local police departments will investigate any complaints of criminal activity made to them.

So if you are gambling, don’t bet on the idea that you’ll never be caught.







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