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Revolutionary War
Cape Girardeau County Soldiers






The following list of soldiers who fought on the Colonial side and their information was compiled from the individual pension applications found in the Cape Girardeau County Court Books and the County Clerk's records available at the Cape Girardeau County Archive Center in Jackson, MO.  Further information was gathered from the National Archive’s Revolutionary War Pension Papers and other sources. Only the soldiers living in Cape Girardeau County after having served are listed.




 Where Served


Place of Burial 

Abernethie, John

Deputy Commissary

Wake County, North Carolina Militia


Boyd, John   John May's Company & John Bowman's Regiment   Exact location unknown, probably northwest of Jackson.   

Brevard, Robert


Rowan County,North Carolina Militia 

Battle of Ramisour’s Mill

Battle of Cowan’s Ford

Battle of Torrence

Jackson City Cemetery

Brock, Uriah


1st Artillery Regiment Continental Troops from Virginia

Battle of Monmouth
Battle of Hanging Rock
Siege of 96
Battle of Guilford
Battle of Eutaw Springs
Battle of Camden

Old Lorimier Cemetery, Cape Girardeau

Bull, Thomas


12th Virginia Regiment of the

Continental Line


Battle of Brandywine

Battle at Peola

Battle at Germantown

Battle of Iron Hill

Exact location unknown, probably Washington County, Illinois
Byrd, Amos      Captain  North Carolina   Exact location unknown, marker at Byrd-Rumfelt-Wheeler Cemetery between Jackson and Oak Ridge.

Chase, Robert


New York State Continental Line

Battle of Yorktown, 

Exact location unknown, probably in Madison County.

Cochran, John


North Carolina Cavalry
North Carolina Militia

Siege of South Carolina, taken prisoner


Cook (Kook), Jacob


 North Carolina

Battle of Charleston, taken Prisoner of War

Exact location unknown, probably Bollinger County.

Deck, John


 North Carolina



Edwards, John



Indian Battles along the Ohio River

English, Thomas    South Carolina Battle of Eutaw Springs, wounded English Cemetery in,     southwest Cape Girardeau 

Fleming, Mitchel


North Carolina


Fleming Cemetery, southeast of New Wells 
Gilliland, John        

Green, Robert


7th Maryland Regiment of the
Continental Line

Battle at Brandywine

Battle at Germantown

Battle at Monmouth

Harbison, John    Captain John Holder's Company    

Hartle, Peter


1st Battalion, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia 


Hartle Cemetery, Bollinger County 
Hays, Christopher  Colonel Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Militia   Ware Cemetery, near Fruitland

Hill, Thomas


North Carolina Continental Line

Battle of Ramsour’s Mill

Battle of King’s Mountain

Battle of Cowan’s Ford

Siege of Yorktown


Hitt, John


South Carolina Militia


Hitt Cemetery, east of Gordonville 

Hubbel, Ithamer


Albany County, New York Militia


Exact location unknown, however there is a marker for him at the Old Bethel Baptist Church Church Cemetery south of Jackson. 

Hutchinson (Hutchins), David



Battle of Shawnee Indians

Battle against Mohawk Indians

Battle of Yadkin River

Battle of Guilford

Battle on Isle of Mance

Battle of Reedy Fork


Masterson, William


Pennsylvania Rangers on the Frontier

Washington County, Pennsylvania  Associaters & Militia

Pennsylvania Continental Line

Ranging Pennsylvania & Ohio
Massacre at Gnadenhutten 

Exact location unknown, probably between Cape Girardeau and Jackson. 

May, John


6th  Regiment of

Pennsylvania Line


McChronister, James


North Carolina Company



McLean (McLain/McLane), Alexander


Mounted Rifleman of

North Carolina Company

Battle of Ten Mile Spring

Battle of Brier Creek

Battle of Two Sisters Ferry

Apple Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, east of Pocahontas

Patterson, David

Captain by 1790

Chester County, South Carolina Militia


Exact location unknown, probably northwest of Jackson. 

Randall, Enos


Sussex County, New Jersey Militia


Exact location unknown, Cape Girardeau County, however there is a marker for him at Old Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery south of  Jackson. 
Ranney, Stephen    Connecticut Troops    Exact location unknown, Jackson 

Seabaugh, Christian


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia  


Shell, Michael                      

Smith, John


North Carolina Company

Siege of Charlestown, SC

Dunmores War

Battle of Nub Station


Taylor, Benjamin


North Carolina Company

Battle of Outlaw Springs

Exact location unknown, probably in Stoddard County 
Verden, James  South Carolina Colonials     
Walker, John        Apple Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, east of Pocahontas   
Waters, Thomas W.  Major  South Carolina Troops    Exact location unknown, probably near Commerce in Scott County. 

Wrightington, Thomas


Massachusetts Company

Battle of Valentine Hill

Battle of Fort Stongo


Yount, Jacob


North Carolina Company under General Nathaniel Greene


Dalton Cemetery, Bollinger County





























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