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County Liquor Licenses

County liquor licenses can be obtained from the County Clerk’s Office in Jackson, Missouri.


To obtain a county liquor license:


1.       The applicant must first apply and obtain their state liquor license from the Missouri Department of Public Safety – Alcohol & Tobacco Control. 


2.       Submit a copy of the state license(s) to the County Clerk’s Office along with the county application and the appropriate license fees.  License fees for county liquor licenses correspond with the state license fees in addition to a $3.00 filing fee for each license obtained.  The forms of payment accepted are cash and check.  License fee amounts are prorated based on the month they are obtained.


3.       The County Clerk’s Office will issue the applicant a temporary license and receipt.  The county application and payment is usually processed within two business days and the official liquor license will be mailed to the applicant.


County liquor licenses expire annually on June 30th.  Renewal invoices are sent to each individual or business with a current county liquor license. 

County Liquor License Application




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